Gen2 Rear Tire


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The "prep" tire side of No Prep Drag Racing has seen a massive increase in track grip and mph since it's inception. 

With these developments, it was time to make a tire specific to the unique demands. The Gen2 eXcelerate rear tires have been redesigned from the ground up with no dimension left untouched to make it one of the lightest, fastest and most versatile tires in No Prep Drag Racing. 

The eXcelerate tires feature an equal side wall design that the provides superior traction while the reinforced kevlar belt provides high speed stability. 

Our all new compounds were formulated in order to create maximum grip from the starting line to the finish. 


  • White - Ultra Soft
  • Pink - Super Soft
  • Purple - Soft


Foam Recomendations

Narrow Wheels - 1.500 wide inserts

Wide Wheels - 1.75 wide inserts



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